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Sterilization includes 3 stages of processing , which in no case can be excluded or interchanged.

1. Disinfection
Instruments are processed in an ultrasonic cleaner in a disinfectant solution of Gigasept and water. In an ultrasonic cleaner, instruments are processed by heating the disinfectant solution to 37 ° and ultrasonic waves.

2. The instruments are washed under running water at room temperature for 2 minutes. Dry in the open air for 1 hour (pre-sterilization treatment of the PSO).

3. Each set of tools is packed in a kraft bag. The craft package is signed (date, person in charge, dry heat number).

The craft package is sent to the GP10 dry oven for 1 hour at 180 °

The administrator starts the dry heat according to all the rules and standards, fills in the sterilization log and keeps a schedule for changing the disinfectant solution in the ultrasonic cleaner, depending on the concentrate from which the disinfectant solution is prepared, and also keeps a sterilization log.

In addition, we use disposable kits for each client, which guarantees maximum safety and an individual approach.

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