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Course "ABC of manicure"  

for newbies


An up-to-date and strong base for those who are just starting their journey. Deep and detailed theoretical knowledge, only relevant and useful information, reinforced by intensive practice.  The course is suitable for those who cannot leave their main place of work for a long time and for mothers on maternity leave.

Live course in Moscow:

3 days from 9:00 - 22:00
Theory + practice on 4 models


Nina Bagutskaya


  • 22 000 R - Pre-registration.

  • Prepayment 2000 R

All equipment, materials, tools are provided. Have with you: a notebook, a pen. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is issued.

  • 1. STRUCTURE of the nail.

  • 2. FORM of nails. The most common forms, the correct position of the file to change the shape of the nail, sawdust patterns, the choice of abrasiveness, typical mistakes.

  • 3. SAFETY. Sterilization of instruments. Disinfection, sterilization, what is the difference, disinfection options. Allergic reactions.

  • 4. ORGANIZATION of the workplace. Correct placement of tools in the workplace, table, chair, lighting.

  • 5. MATERIALS. Detailed analysis of gels, differences, pros and cons. Selection of materials individually for each client.

  • 6. GETTING STARTED. A complete set of a master's starter kit, the ability to economically and as quickly as possible to make a profit. The choice of the device, pros and cons.

  • 7. MANICURE. Types and options of manicure, combination of techniques. The scheme of the combined manicure apparatus + nippers, scissors. Practicing in practice.

  • 8. STRENGTHENING of the nail plate. Exploring reinforcement options for each individual case (cracked, thin, flaky, dry nails, using IBX treatments).

  • 9. ALIGNMENT of the nail plate - base, color, top. Learning to see and make perfect highlights. Practicing in practice.

  • 10. COVERAGE. Application of the coating as close to and under the cuticle as possible. Coating options, working off each layer, sealing the free edge. Two coverage options. Practicing in practice.

  • 11. REMOVAL of gel polish. Two ways to withdraw, pros and cons. Working out on tips.

  • 12. WE PHOTOGRAPH the work and conduct INSTAGRAM.


Leave a request for training and we will call you as soon as possible.

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