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about the master: Khadija


Very attentive craftsman. Works quickly and efficiently. I have rarely met such masters, I will definitely come back to you again. 

about the master: Sasha Keshelyan


Everything is super! as always fast, very nice and high quality!

about the master: Tatiana Borozdina


I have already been Tanya's regular customer for over a year, probably. Everything is fine: skill, modesty, humanity.


about the master: Victoria Panekova

Very nice and tidy specialist. I will definitely come again.


about the master: Yulia Grigorieva

I am happy with the result, the master is just super, did the coated manicure quickly, neatly and beautifully, which is very pleasing. I can say for sure, I will come again :)


About Master Browser:

Elizaveta Anoshina

I really liked the master-nice girl, caring specialist, absolute customer focus. The result surpassed expectations, for this master and a device for permanent make-up in his hands, for the first time I am so pleased with the eyebrows. Thank you for the service recommended by the administrator. We were 100% satisfied :)

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